MusicCircle Points System Terms & Conditions

  1. Earning MC-Points: For each rupee spent on eligible purchases at MusicCircle, you will earn one (1) MC-Point. Points will be credited to your account once your payment is successfully processed and your order is confirmed. Please note, points will not be earned for returned purchases, cancelled orders, or in case of a refund. Taxes, shipping charges, and any other fees are not eligible to earn points.

  2. Redeeming MC-Points: Accumulated MC-Points can be redeemed for a discount on future eligible purchases at MusicCircle. The conversion rate for redeeming points is fifteen (15) MC-Points for each rupee off the purchase price. The number of points required to redeem will be calculated based on the total price of the item or items being purchased (excluding taxes, shipping charges, and any other fees).

  3. Account Login Requirement: To ensure that you receive your MC-Points, you must be logged into your MusicCircle account when making a purchase. Purchases made without logging in will not accrue MC-Points. It is your responsibility to ensure you are logged into your account before making a purchase.

  4. Points Expiration: MC-Points will expire after a certain period of inactivity on your account. Please refer to the specific point expiration policy for details.

  5. MC-Points Start Date: The MC-Points rewards program takes effect from 2/6/2023, and points will only be accrued on eligible purchases made on or after this date. Purchases made before the start date of the MC-Points program are not eligible to earn points.

Eligibility: The MC-Points Program is open only to users who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence and who have created a valid account on the MusicCircle website. Employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives of MusicCircle, its affiliates, and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Program. This is to prevent potential conflicts of interest.

Account Limitations: Each individual is allowed only one account. Any attempts to create multiple accounts, including using different email addresses, usernames or falsified information, will be considered a violation of these terms. MusicCircle reserves the right to audit accounts at any time and to request proof of identity and residence to verify compliance.

Collusion: Users are not permitted to collaborate with others to manipulate or exploit the Program for point accumulation. This includes but is not limited to: creating 'circle' networks for the purpose of swapping referrals, sharing or trading points, or any other behavior intended to artificially inflate point totals.

Referral Restrictions: Users may earn additional points by referring new, legitimate users to MusicCircle. Any attempts to abuse the referral system, such as by referring oneself or by creating false accounts for the purpose of generating referral points, are strictly prohibited.

Automated Behavior: The use of bots, scripts, third-party tools, or any other automated methods to perform actions that result in the earning of points is strictly prohibited. MusicCircle has the right to monitor user behavior and any suspicious or inauthentic activity may result in points being revoked and the offending account(s) being suspended or terminated.

Return/Refund Points Deduction: MusicCircle reserves the right to deduct points from a user's account in the event of a return or refund. If an item purchased entirely or partially with points is returned, the points spent on that transaction will be returned to the user's account. However, if the return causes the account's point balance to go negative, the account may be temporarily suspended until the point balance is restored to zero or above.

Data Integrity: Users must provide accurate, current, and complete information when participating in the Program. Providing false information, creating false identities, or providing information of another individual without their consent is a violation of these terms and may result in account termination and forfeiture of all accumulated points.

Prohibition on Points Trading/Selling: The MC-Points earned are intended for the personal use of the individual account holder. The selling, trading, bartering, or transferring of points outside of MusicCircle's official systems is strictly prohibited. Any detected unauthorized transfer of points will result in immediate forfeiture of all points and may lead to account suspension or termination.

Suspensions and Bans: MusicCircle reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account that it suspects, in its sole discretion, is in violation of these Terms and Conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, manipulation of the system, abuse of promotions, or any other behavior deemed by MusicCircle to be in bad faith.

Modification of Program: MusicCircle reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Program at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. This includes, but is not limited to, the adjustment of point value, the introduction or discontinuation of bonus point promotions, and changes to the method of earning points. All accumulated points are not guaranteed and remain subject to the terms in effect at the time of their use.

Points Deduction Upon Return: In the scenario where a user purchases an item using points and then returns the item, the points spent on that purchase will be deducted from the user's account upon the processing of the return. The user will not get to keep the points after returning the item. If the return causes the account's point balance to go negative, the account may be temporarily suspended until the point balance is restored to zero or above.

Return of Damaged Items: In the event a user purchases an item using points and then returns it in a condition that is damaged, broken, or significantly different from the condition in which it was sent (including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, tears, etc.), MusicCircle reserves the right to refuse the return and to not refund the points used for the purchase. If a return is accepted despite the damage, the points may still be deducted from the user's account, and the user may be charged a damage fee in accordance with MusicCircle's return policy.

Inactive Accounts: MusicCircle reserves the right to deactivate or reduce the points balance of accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time (e.g., 12 months or longer). Be sure to define what constitutes account activity (making a purchase, logging in, etc.).

Abuse of Promotional Events: During promotional events where extra points may be earned (e.g., double points weekends), any attempts to manipulate or abuse the system to earn additional points, including but not limited to creating multiple accounts, will result in the forfeiture of any additional points earned during the promotion and may lead to account suspension or termination.

Expired Points: Points earned in the MC-Points Program may have an expiration date, after which they cannot be redeemed. Users will need to redeem their points before this date.

Reversal of Points for Chargebacks: If a user initiates a chargeback with their bank for a purchase made on MusicCircle, any points earned from that purchase will be deducted from the user's account. If the chargeback is resolved in MusicCircle's favor, the points may be reinstated at MusicCircle's discretion.

Limitation on the Redemption of Points: MusicCircle may place limitations on the number of points that can be redeemed in a single transaction or within a specific time period. This is to prevent the system from being overwhelmed by large redemptions and to ensure that all users have a fair chance to redeem their points.